Building more walls

There are walls that should be torn down, some that are assembled in a crooked manner, other walls that hide secret gardens behind ivy-covered doors and then there are walls….

With the weather so good and all, Steve and his assistant worked in the greenhouse and made the enclosure for our first raised bed – a wall within a wall. There remains some touch up work to keep out the four footers. Once soil thaws, it will be dumped into place through the greenhouse windows. Our tractor loader is just shy of the size of the opening – are we not most fortunate? Otherwise a bucket brigade would be called for – ugh.

There is a land where buildings need walls, and roofs for that matter. It is Puerto Rico. Folks are still without the basics and that makes life nigh unto unbearable. We have been selling soup for the month of March; aiming for $1000, which will be matched and then sent to Mennonite Disaster Service to help provide the wherewithal to keep on building hope and bringing communities back together.

This week is the last winter pickup for farm share members. It should include: a choice of soup, frozen veggies/fruit, garlic or red onions, potatoes or winter squash, carrots or beets, salad greens and cabbage for the full shares. I hope to have something special for each member who persevered for the whole winter – maybe a peep or two!