Shades of greens

Steve is rearranging the greenhouse to make space for the huge Moskvich tomato plants he started January 31. There will continue to be 2 lettuce beds in the soil and then, of course, many shades of greens in the rain gutter plantings. It is definitely eye candy to look out the window into the greenhouse while slogging through the lowly job of washing dishes! Tomatoes due by…… guess!

A friendly collector of useful stuff has given us a trailer load of metal roofing that originally came from some redo at Midway many years ago. Steve has plans to build a raised bed in the greenhouse all along the southern exposure. Raised beds were in the original blue prints but we quickly realized that we needed more flexibility in the greenhouse and chose not to fill the space with permanent fixtures. We will take note how this one works.

We hoisted kites to the market ceiling today. Anticipation of running in green meadows with a colorful kite flowing out behind me gives buoyancy to my step! Check out how kites fit the picture when next you waltz in.

There’s to be a large bag of greens for farm share members this week along with Napoli (candy) carrots, frozen leeks/pickles, garlic/cilantro, potatoes, frozen veggie or fruit. Oh, and a sample of my latest endeavor – Orange Spiced Beet Spread, a big name for a delicious mouthful. Hey Ho!