Tall sunny days turning short

A blooming sunflower in our front yard is over eight feet tall and has a sibling that is still climbing! Hundreds of sunflowers providing a windbreak for the hazelnut trees are beginning to bloom. The flower show, west of our solar panels, can be seen from Highway 60. Oooooeeee it is beaUtiful!

We are ready for the Mountain Lake Sunflower Days to be held next week, August 27. There will be sunny happenings at Jubilee Farm Market along with all the other events in town.

Late last night we added 7 more chickens and a couple of ducks that were homeless. Our chuck house is now crowded with feathered to-be friends? Wings will need to be clipped since the newcomers are used to flight. We shall see if this was a wise idea…..

New munches this week are sweet peppers, brusselini (the top of Brussel sprouts), kohlrabi and maybe melons. Joining these newcomers should be summer savory, genovese basil, summer squash, fennel, carrots, beets, Swiss chard, tomatoes, cucumbers, leeks and onions. Get out the cutting board and prepare to feast!

I made Fennel Raisin Bread on Saturday as a trial run and am looking forward to the same wonderful smells on Wednesday.

Days are getting shorter and the farm work ….well…..it has not diminished in stature or duration.