A week for leeks

Are you ready for some good-looking leeks this week? Leeks are in the same family as onions and garlic – alliums, but they are the sweeter cousins. The lower light green portion of the leaf and white bulb are the part that is eaten. Store them in the refrigerator unwashed and untrimmed in a loose plastic bag so they do not dry out. More leeks will be coming; it is best to eat them the same week you get them.

Leeks have a strong nutritional profile: protecting our health – naturally! That is not the only reason to include them at table….enjoy them sauteed with thyme or parsley, finely chopped in a fresh salad or in a fun-sounding soup: cock-a-leekie – yummers!

It is recorded that a battle in Wales was won when the soldiers all wore leeks in their caps. Hmmm – without drawing a sword, both armies sat down to cock-a-leekie soup and reasoned through their differences and agreed to go home to their families and….farm! That actual war in 1620 against the Saxons had a bloodier ending but I like my version.

We have been enjoying massaged kale salad – what a hoot!

Along with kale and leeks will follow: carrots, beets, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, Swiss chard, summer squash, wax beans, herbs and maybe some corn. Potatoes will be for sale.