Candy Carrots

Yesterday, I washed and bagged the first batch of “candy” carrots that Nathan had dug up. They are juicy sweet winter popsicles in carrot form. CSA members will have some each week through December – what a treat! Their formal name is napoli carrots; they are known for their overwintering qualities.

I went to a birthday party this week and arrived as it was winding down. Over a hundred people had come for the celebration and eaten their fill of rice and pork, handfuls of candy, pop, candied apples, cake and ice cream. My challenge was and continues to be……where are the carrots?

Nathan and Steve are both amazed at how well the addition to the barn is looking, neither of them having had much experience in construction! It is to have a work bench and wall space for our tools and large sheets of plastic.

I hope to harvest salad mix, cilantro and kale for tomorrow’s market. There should also be leeks, potatoes, onions, winter squash, sage, parsley and of course …candy carrots!