Mettling with nettles

Recent observations:

  • May Queen lettuce wrap with homemade cheese is unbeatable
  • Solomon’s seal is delicious stir-fried in olive oil with a few chopped green onions
  • stored butternut squash from 2012 makes tasty soup 6 months later
  • no more morel mushrooms
  • I love to mettle with nettles in the driving rain

What have you been observing? I haven’t woken up to June yet, it feels like April. We continue to have slight drought conditions according to the U.S. Drought Monitor so these are happy tears coursing through the sky. One could choose to be grumpy: celebrations indoors or canceled, sports in a muddy fields, the sun is hidden from view and there is no rock picking.

We were going to plant trees today along the western edge of our farm. Instead there are cucumbers being planted in the west high tunnel tucked in with camomile and other herbs. I made a mad dash on my bike early this morning in the beginning showers to harvest nettles, cattails, rhubarb and some other fun things. When the wind picked up, a quiet voice kept asking me why I was in a field of nettles getting buffeted by the wind and bathed by the rain. Hmmmm…. Answer: Because I want to make Irish nettle soup for everyone at the market along with some Irish Soda Bread to celebrate our first day of the summer market. I hope you enjoy the treat….I was in the lowest gear riding home into the wind!

Market boxes should contain: radishes, a small bag of salad mix, a large bunch of spring onions, asparagus, chives, Mizuna, herbs, either curly kale or green garlic and a jar of jam. The first fields of radishes and lettuces are ending; others are coming along. The second planting of Asian greens, such as Mizuna, have been under cover to ward off the flea beatles. Garlic failed this year, I think due to drought.

Yesterday, the three baby robins flew out of their nest near our garage door -oof, what a day to experience clinging to some wet limb with water running in rivulets down your back!