A buzz around flowers

This is my dream…..to serve farm dinners each month that commemorate local seasonal goodness. Would you buy a ticket and come? The menu theme for May 2014 will celebrate woodlands and plains!

  • *Nettle soup for an appetizer
  • Thinly sliced *steak in balsamic, olive and *maple syrup sauce
  • Served with*Whole wheat *herbed bread
  • Salad for a king (*Solomon’s seal, *red & green oakleaf lettuce, *spinach, *dock, and flowers! *violets, and *redbuds) with a splash of *fruity vinaigrette
  • Steamed *asparagus
  • *Mint tea
  • *Raspberry scone

All * foods would travel to the festivities between 10 feet to 10 miles away! Imagine, what fun it would be: all of us gathered at long formal tables beside the emerald and ruby lettuce beds as the sun goes down! Remember, this is my dream; it’s rather romantic¬† but yes, we would be indoors if the usual weather was threatening: hailstorm, freezing wind, 30 mph wind gusts, tornado, searing heat – it all almost occured this past week – oh my goodness!

Did any of you take note of the white board that Nathan designed when picking up your shares this past week? I could start giving a quiz and a perfect score would receive a double share of nettles! Haha! Here it is for your perusal:

Permaculture PERMAnent agriCULTURE

Goals: Harmonious integration of people and the landscape providing food, energy, shelter, and other needs in a sustainable way.

Philosophy: Work with nature, not against nature. Strive for multiple yields rather than monocultures. Long and thoughtful observation, not long and thoughtless action.

Bill Mollison  is the originator of the permaculture concept.

This week’s share should include: May Queen head lettuce, Marvel of 4 seasons head lettuce, Tokyo Bekana, Pac Choi, mint, chives, salad mix, radishes, nettles with many extras for sale. There could also be a few flowers: violets and redbuds to take home to sprinkle on your mixed salad greens!

Nathan and Loida are visiting the Central Rocky Mountain Permaculture Institute in Colorado this week. We’ve been working hard to fill their boots!