Fire and rain

Today is the first day in many days, if not weeks, that looks to be an enjoyable day to be out in the fields tending the crops. Oh my, have I cooked wearing my long pants, long-sleeved shirt, work gloves and hat. I gave up wearing boots since I needed some body parts that could breathe!

There seems to be a weather usher to the west of us that sends all moisture to the south or north. Life can hang in the balance when water is scarce. A city water main broke and closed down the water pump where farmers can fill up their tanks. We were using that water to irrigate our watermelons and winter squash out at our south farm. A farmer friend has given us the use of his 1,000 gallon tank on wheels which he parks at the top of the hill while gravity drains out the life-giving water through all the drip tape that we wove through and under the plants. We and you will have him to thank for the produce we hope to harvest from that field. Sweet corn may take a miss this year without the rain.

Days (and nights) are packed with farming, wedding arrangements, family members arriving here and at the airport, and getting the yard into shape as well as a list of other usual activities: meals, delivering babies (3!) church, etc. We should come through in the end ….but whew!

I made a wonderful leek vegetable soup with meatballs last night. It is a typical vegetable soup but I don’t add other onions in order not to mask the leek flavor. I had bits of celery, leeks, potatoes, carrots in the pot. Someday the celery will be harvested to share; I pulled out the plants that were turning yellow…aster yellows?

Through it all there should be a harvest this week of: potatoes (Steve dug them at 5 this morning on his way to deliver another baby!), carrots, onions, beans, Swiss chard, cucumbers, tomatoes, dill, parsley, leeks and maybe a small summer squash.