Be perfect

Anyone keeping track of the raindrops? We have had 5.79 inches of rain in the last week. Someone figured out that about 196,634,000 raindrops fall on an acre to make up an inch of rain. That is a lot of little hammers on bare soil, if there is no cover crop! It also makes for a force of movement creating deep gullies which makes me wonder why farmers have agreed to waste their children’s inheritance for a few more feet of crop land. Hmmm. Our farm has the same issues but on a smaller scale, so I am not off the plow yet! We are trying to understand the movement of water across our acreage, plan for it to stay put and not travel along with precious soil in its grasp.

Sun power and rain are showered on us all, those with good intentions and those who don’t eat their vegetables! Actually, the words of truth are found in the Good Book in Matthew 5:43-48. I’ve read and pondered those words many times but with this reading I find myself being counted among the pagans or at least at the bottom of the perfection scale. How many odd characters have I prayed for in the last week or at least given a hearty handshake, a “Sabaidii” or a “buenos dias” as a greeting?

Harvesting rain water off of our buildings is at the top of our to do list. Once harvested, then what? We need it for irrigation which requires power to move it from one spot to the next. Could a solar pump move it to an elevated tank which would then have a gravity flow to the plants? Our high tunnels move from season to season so….a water tank on wheels? I don’t think so!

We are also thinking about grey water usage which is to say, water from sinks, showers and washing machine. I have always saved it and bucketed it out over my flowers around the yard. It makes for strong arms but I do sense each year as it passes me by.

Harvest this week should include: radishes (cherriette, French breakfast, & Shunkyo), a salad mix, Asian greens, Skyphos head lettuce which I mistakenly called Lollo Rossa, Nelson carrots, green onions and herbs: mint & dill. I think there will be some nettles for those who discovered fresh courage and didn’t find a patch in their back yard or their neighbor’s! We should have some asparagus, rhubarb, and herbs for sale as well as some slicing cucumber plants for sale.

This is the last week for the spring shares. Remember to hand in your market boxes this week if you are not signed up for the summer and to bring a bag for your produce. I will miss the members not continuing on ….it would be wonderful if you could find someone to take your place!

I’m working on being more organized to take your orders for eggs, frozen meat or chicken, grains, flour or beans and seeds, honey and bread. We are also checking on a method for a delivery to Windom but would require at least 5 people to make it worthwhile since there would be an added fee for transportation. It would save on everyone driving here individually.