Oh a foraging we will go…

What fun it is to find tasty treasures on a walkabout! My latest woodland menu item is steamed solomon’s seal. I fried a few green onions in olive oil and then added the tender tips of solomon seal with a few spoonfuls of water. After a couple of minutes, when the greens look limp, they are ready to be served as you would asparagus. I learned about solomon seal when having weekly potlucks with Lao women friends. It is eaten as a cooling side dish served up with sticky rice and a fiery dipping sauce.

I used to yank these plants out of flower beds knowing full well they would be my eternal friends, coming back each year with a bigger spring blessing. Now I am thankful for each green plot! I begin to see “lunch” wherever I look!

Tomorrow evening is the third meeting with our zoning board to approve our request for keeping bee hives on our 20 acres. The queen bees arrive tomorrow so we hope to have all the papers signed so royalty can set up their housekeeping in the very near future.

To report on all our winter work preparing for share members would require a tedious read. The important news is that Spring Share Pickups begin next Wednesday, May 9, from 3-6 p.m. Our garage gets a makeover and becomes the Jubilee Farm Market. We will have your market boxes ready for you to fill at your first visit. Feel free to park on the street or drive up to the garage, making sure to keep to one side so that others can pass. I just ask that the car motor is turned off rather than left idling.

Next week’s harvest and farm market should include: salad greens including lettuces, spinach, mache and claytonia, head lettuce, rhubarb, chives, mint, oregano, asparagus and a few other surprises..depending on the weather. This has been a challenging spring since we are essentially one month ahead of time with the early warmup.

We have many pounds of salad greens for sale this week, give me a call at 507-360-3293, and I’ll have your order ready!

Please sign up for summer shares if you have not done so as yet. Thanks!