High Horse Assessment

Here’s the question….Am I a farmer or a gardener? Actually, I am both. I am one of three farmers in the occupation of cultivating our acres of vegetables and fruits and I have flower gardens as a hobby, though this year that went by the wayside. This hrumph comes from a fairly important conversation trying to convince someone we were farmers. The individual is taking a week to confer with others in order to make the official decision. I calm myself down by repeating (to myself) that this way of thinking is exactly what we are trying to change one carrot or cucumber at a time. In other words, it is an important conversation to be having and it will not be the last!

“Coming Up Squash” fiesta this past Saturday was a lot of fun, I forget the hilarity that can be had around a table! Thanks to everyone who took time to come! We hope to continue having celebrations that bring us together as a community. The various squash recipes are attached under “Files” since I did not have them ready at the time. We do have a winner for the 28.18# Boston Marrow …she missed the weight by .18#.

This week’s pickup should include: red onions, meatloaf sized sweet potato, kale, collards, carrots, pac choi, mizuna, Tokyo Bekana, head lettuce, leaf lettuce and spinach, potatoes, leeks, green peppers, tomato and broccoli.