Only skin deep

Tuesday, three of us trundled off to the potato patch at high noon since that was when the medical issues of life at the hospital were sorted out. Steve tilled up 4 rows and we began sorting. We discovered a bad case of potato scab, which is when the skin of the potato looks as if it is healing from a severe case of gravel burn. It is nothing harmful but disfigures what was once beautiful. Crop history (lawn), soil moisture (wet spring-dry late summer), soil texture (gravelly) soil pH (higher than 6.5) all promote the problem. Next year we will try and purchase more resistant seed potato varieties. The worker on the potato sorting shift sang praise songs to brighten her spirit as the piles of blemished produce grew.

I discovered that the Spanish word for skin on a vegetable (c├íscara) is not the same as what keeps me packaged to my skeleton (piel). And then I also get “pelo” mixed up with “piel” which means “hair” so not really sure what I was saying when trying to explain how to cook something. I knew it was headed down the wrong path when my friends started laughing!

Harvest should be similar this week with one additional new item for your boxes – beets, either cylindral or bull’s blood. I will try and have a special table set aside with additional items for sale: melons, eggplant and other items such as garlic and onions. I have not had the chance to advertise that we are now a farm market, but you can let your friends know. We have enough quantity that all the variety of produce offered for share pickup can also be purchased.